Here’s the Relation Between Shay Patrick and Haytham Kenway


Ubisoft has released a few more details on Assassin’s Creed Rogue‘s story and characters.

According to Susan Patrick – one of the game’s writers – Rouge‘s main protagonist (or villain?) Shay Patrick Cormac is born in New York, to Irish immigrants. After his father’s death, he is taken in by the Assassins, although – as most of you suspect – that doesn’t last.

“He’s brash and arrogant, but has a conscience. Born to Irish immigrants in New York, Shay finds himself searching for purpose after his father passes away. It is at this point that the Assassins find him and take him in. Despite becoming a successful Assassin, Shay will start to question the motivations of the Brotherhood and eventually, seek redemption by hunting the Assassins down,” says Patrick.

Additionally, the name Cormac wasn’t chosen at random, as in Gaelic it means “raven.” Morrigan, on the other hand, isn’t simply the name of Shay’s ship, but is also the name of an Irish Goddess who used to appear in front of the soldiers as a crow.

Finally, Patrick has also shed some light on Shay’s connection with Assassin’s Creed III‘s fan-favourite Templar, Haytham Kenway, revealing that Haytham is more of a father-figure to Shay (it all comes back to one’s childhood, isn’t it?).

“When Shay meets Haytham, he is looking for a role model. And Haytham, in many ways, is the Templar’s Templar. So Shay sees Haytham as someone he can learn a lot from. At the same time, Haytham sees Shay as someone he could learn some things from too. It makes for an interesting dynamic.”

Assassin’s Creed Rogue launches on November 11th, on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


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