3 Reasons Why ‘Watch Dogs’ Needs a Prequel

Watch Dogs
Warning! Spoilers regarding Watch Dogs‘ storyline and characters are in.

Even though Watch Dogs‘ ending clearly nods to a possible sequel – the most obvious hint being the advertisement of the upcoming ctOS 2.0 – one editor at Analog Addiction strongly believes that, before Blume discovers new ways to spy on its citizens, Watch Dogs would certainly use a prequel. Here are 3 reasons why…

#3 More Insight into Watch Dogs‘ Secondary Characters

First of all, this prequel could really nail it by giving us more insight into Aiden’s family. Show us Lena; show us how much Aiden loved her. Nicky’s family wouldn’t even need to be part of the main story; they’d just need to provide us a more human Aiden. And for God’s sake, give Jackson more lines!

And how about Jordi? It would be great to see how Aiden first met him. As it is the case with almost anyone else, Jordi could also benefit from a better character development. In Watch Dogs, the only interesting plot involving him happens right at end, when he is sent to kill Damien. Surprisingly, even though Aiden risks Jordi’s life by blowing up the lighthouse – ONLY to kill Damien himself – our favourite fixer simply shrugs it off, like nothing really happened. I know you sympathise Aiden, but REALLY?

Watch Dogs - Jordi

Hey! Remember me? I’m still in the game, you know?

#2 The Introduction of Blume Corporation and DedSec

In Watch Dogs, Blume is already an all-powerful corrupt force, spying and controlling the lives of Chicago’s citizens. DedSec is also a well-established anonymous group of hackers, doing everything in their power to expose Blume. But how did these two “factions” begin? Is it possible that Blume started as a charitable project, only to turn corrupt when people realised its potential? This would also be a great way to see how Aiden first started working with ‘BadBoy17’/Clara.

Watch Dogs - Clara

Neither bad, nor boy, nor 17.

#1 A Better-Developed Aiden

Generally speaking, Ubisoft’s developers do a great job when it comes to characters in their video games. In Watch Dogs, this is only half-true. While Aiden’s tragedy and constant thoughts of protection for his family – and even Clara – make him a somewhat likeable protagonist, very little else is known about our hacker. How does he handle guns so well? How about those bad-ass looking take-downs? Is he ex-military? Or maybe he was a mere street-thug, before Damien gave him the tools to steal from the rich, like a “modern-day magician.

Oh, and more Damien! These two working together like actual partners could provide for some awesome scenarios. Also, Aiden should really loosen-up more! It makes sense for him to be so angry in Watch Dogs, but let’s try something else here; something more fun.

Watch Dogs - Aiden

Okay, now let’s do something crazy-fun.

Agree/disagree? More importantly, what would YOU like to see in a possible prequel? Or maybe Ubisoft should simply ditch Aiden and focus on someone else, in the near future? Let us know in the comments below. Also, in case you haven’t read it, [here] you can find our review on Watch Dogs.

In addition to being a PC editor, Vlad Pintea is also a chief of news and reviews here at Analog Addiction. You can contact him via e-mail at vlad94pintea@yahoo.com and vlad94pintea@gmail.com, on Skype (vlad94pintea), SteamFacebook, and Twitter.


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  1. Why do people almost seem to be pushing/forcing the thought of Aiden not being a likable character? Aiden was a really likable character. I even saw a comment talking about how it was weird and bas for Aiden to not let his Niece’s death go, Really? WTH? If you have any type of soul, And someone killed your niece or close family member, And you had the ways and means as Aiden does to try and track down and catch the person responsible. You would do it. I would sure do it! Nobody messes with my family!


  2. I haven’t played the game yet (I don’t mind spoilers) but even before the game was released, I thought the next game might take place within another area and possibly with a new character as shown with most of Ubisoft’s franchises since 2007 with Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry. Although I’m not 100% whether they would maintain Aiden. I think it’s likely that we’ll see a new setting regardless with a more interesting character and I’m sure that they could explore the lore of the characters and the origins of ctOS even with a sequel. However at this pace, I think they’ll probably just move forward since after Connor’s response, it’s almost like Ubisoft’s forgotten about him. Then again, they could easily surprise us.

    I personally would love a Watch Dogs prequel and exploring the ctOS prototypes but I think it’s more likely that might be explored in some alternative methods such as comic books, novels or even the upcoming movie! 😀


    • Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking, as well. I think I’ve actually read somewhere that the next game will not feature Aiden, so it will more than likely be a sequel; which is a bit of a shame, since – like Connor, in my opinion – he’s got potential, but one game is apparently not enough.

      Regarding the alternative methods – yeah, I’m 100% sure that the film will be a prequel. If they plan on making a trilogy out of it – come on, we all know that’s their target – they need to start from the very beginning. Same for an Assassin’s Creed film.


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