‘Walking Dead Episode 3: In Harm’s Way’ Screenshots Revealed

Telltale Games has released a handful of screenshots from the upcoming Walking Dead Episode 3:  In Harm’s Way, which gives us a brief look at what events could be in store for Clementine and friends going forward.

Following the events of Episode 2, Clementines and her fellow survivors now must face the unpredictable wrath of new series villain, Carver. The screenshots showcase Carver getting close and personal with an unknown individual, though it is hard to tell whether this is Carver defending himself against walkers or taking out his frustrations on one of his captives. We also see our group being escorted back to Carver’s base of operations, as well as Clementine being surrounded by a hoard of the undead.

The Walking Dead In Harms Way Key Art

Telltale also release one piece of key art, which showcases Clementine and Sarah surrounded by an impressive amount of zombies in front of what looks to be a shopping center; could this perhaps be Carver’s lair? Only time will tell.

The announcement of the release date for the latest Walking Dead episode is expected very soon, stay tuned.

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