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Charizard, Greninja Join ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Roster

Super Smash Bros. Director, Masahiro Sakurai, has announced both Charizard and Greninja will be playable characters in the upcoming Nintendo themed fighter.

The announcement was made during the Super Smash Bros. themed Nintendo Direct. Charizard has been playable in the Super Smash Bros series previously while playing as the Pokemon Trainer, though this will be the first time Charizard will have his own spot on the roster. Greninja on the other hand will be making his first appearance in the series, and is evolution of the Pokemon X/Y starter Pokemon Froakie.

It was also announced Charizard will have a Mega Evolution, which will alter his appearance.

These new additions to the Super Smash Bros. roster bring the fighter tally to 29. After it was announced during the presentation that Yoshi, Zero Suit Samas and Sheik will be joining the roster. The Nintendo Direct also revealed the release window for both the 3DS and Wii U iterations, with 3DS owners seeing a summer 2014 release, while Wii U owners will get their hands on Super Smash Bros. in winter 2014.

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  1. Then a few months after Smash is released there will be a new Pokemon Z game announced featuring mega evolutions of the three Kalos starters, thus a missed opportunity for Greninja in Smash Bros.


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