South Park: The Stick of Truth Is Censored Outside of North America

It has been revealed that Ubisoft has censored the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of South Park: The Stick of Truth in every territory aside from North America. 

South Park

The news was dug up by BT who revealed a list of changes which was sent forward to the press. According to this list, they’re pretty minor censors which cover around 20 seconds from seven scenes from the game. 

A few examples of what was cut from the game are two mini-games where the player has to carry out an abortion and five scenes where the player also has to perform anal probes on characters. The scenes surrounding the cut content still remain however and what has been cut out has instead been replaced with images and descriptive text by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the series’ creators which we can assume probably poke fun at the censorship. 

South Park World of Warcraft

Speaking to Eurogamer on the matter, Ubisoft explained it was due to a “market decision” which probably indicates Ubisoft wants this game to launch in as many nations as possible, including those with touchier censorship regulations. 

If the game is censored in other countries, it might persuade those with the stricter regulations to certify the game. 

The PC version of the game remains as rude as ever. 

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