‘The Order: 1886’ Gets a New Trailer

Ready At Dawn studios has recently released a new trailer for the much anticipated The Order:1886, along with a few details regarding their game through the PlayStation Blog.

As you can tell from the trailer above, the PlayStation 4 exclusive title aims to share their vision of an alternate history. The game takes place in- you guessed it- 1886. Though this is well into the past, you’ll find that the weapons are futuristic; this is because technological advances are a big part of this world.

The blog post delves a little deeper into the history than the trailer. It explains that The Order is a group of fighters that was formed out of necessity, in order to keep evil at bay. The evil in question takes the form of ‘half-breeds’.


The changes that come about because of the Industrial Revolution breathe life into the age-old war between The Order and the evil half-breeds, as the creation of new weapons give the Knights of the Order (sounds cool, eh?) a fighting chance.


Concept art of the rebel forces

This also brings about a new threat; with all the widespread weaponry comes a rebel faction. This group feels oppressed by the monarchy and fights for freedom. The Order is now tasked with keeping humans safe, while fighting other humans. These guys just can’t catch a break!

The Order: 1886 is set to release this year, though no additional details regarding the release were mentioned.

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