Over 3 Million Xbox One Consoles Sold In 2013

In a post on Xbox Wire, Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President of Marketing, Strategy and Business for Xbox, revealed that “Over 3 million Xbox One consoles were sold to consumers in 13 countries before the end of 2013.”

This comes just a month after a figure of 2 million Xbox One sales was put forth.

Xbox One GOTY 2013

In the same post, Mehdi took the time to mention all of the games coming to Xbox One in 2014:

“2014 will be a promising year with many more great games on the way for Xbox One including “Titanfall,” “Watch_Dogs,” “Project Spark,” “Sunset Overdrive,” “Tom Clancy’s The Division,” “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,” “Destiny,” “Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare,” and “The Elder Scrolls Online,” among others. More games, more features, more content, more fun – all coming your way this year.”

Halo Xbox One Reveal 04

It’s worth mentioning that the new Halo game is not on this list because, according to a tweet by Microsoft’s Rob Semsey, “Halo on Xbox One not listed due to official name of the next title not announced yet.” The game will, however, be coming out some time this year (Thanks to IGN for pointing that out).

You can see which game won AnalogAddiction’s Xbox One Game of the Year award in the official post.

Nathan Manning is an Xbox Editor for AnalogAddiction. He is only critical on the Xbox brand because he has a loyalty to it. You can find him on Twitter and AnalogAddiction there as well.


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  1. It’s turning out to be a closer run race than many anticipated. I expect the PS4 to surge ahead when it hits Japan in February though. Still, I think Microsoft will be pleased considering the bad press of last year.


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