VGx: Telltale and Gearbox Team-Up to Make Tales from the Borderlands

Well, the first bit of announcement from VGx is out! And rarely does a host say “No one saw this coming” and actually mean it. But low and behold – Telltale and Gearbox bring pull a fast one and reveal Tales from the Borderlands. Its an interesting choice that I’m sure many of us really didn’t see coming.

Tales from the Borderlands Title

Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford describes the main characters as “wannabe vault hunters” but stresses this is mostly Telltales gig, a game from their creative imagination. As to who the main character will be, neither developer would say. But shooting stuff is confirmed, and heavy story is also confirmed. And quite frankly, the only thing missing from Borderlands was a bit more fleshed out narrative, so this is welcome news to the franchise.

Telltale is developing the game, and we hope to bring you more information (and the trailer as well) very soon. So stay tuned to Analog Addiction for more on this crazy collaboration.


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