Character Progression in ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’

A new video was released today detailing some of the elements which make up character progression within the upcoming game, The Elder Scrolls Online. Nick Konkle, the lead gameplay designer for the title gives us more information regarding the experience and leveling up system, as well as the various skill set trees which are available for players to progress through.

It is made clear from the start that the development team wants to maintain the level of customization the franchise is known for, allowing players to choose exactly what kinds of skills to upgrade and obtain. While some games may force gamers to be very careful about which skills they acquire, The Elder Scrolls Online will offer players the opportunity to obtain and master all of them so long as they are willing to spend the time required to do so.

In typical Elder Scrolls fashion, the player gains experience by killing creatures, exploring the world, and completing quests. Once enough experience is obtained to gain a level, the player is rewarded with a single skill point and a single attribute point. It should be noted that it is also possible to obtain skill points through special quests or locating “Sky Shards” within the world, but it is highly likely that leveling up will be the primary source of these points. Attribute points are assigned to one of three categories: Stamina, Magicka, and Health. Stamina will improve your sprinting as well as energy required to yield weapons, Magicka pertains to the quantity and intensity of spells you may cast, and Health naturally reflects the amount of damage you can withstand before falling in battle.


Skill points allow you to learn an ability or spell, and if you frequently utilize spells or abilities from a specific skill line, you will eventually gain access to spells or abilities from further down that skill line. One incredibly interesting feature about the skill lines is that after repeated use of an individual spell or ability, you will be allowed to morph it into a slightly different ability. An example given in the video is the ability to heal an ally may be altered so that it heals three allies at once or restores Magicka to the player casting the spell. Ultimate abilities are pinnacles of skill lines and offer abilities which do not consume Magicka when cast, however they do require time to build up. When the skill is available to use, it will give you a significant advantage over your enemies on the battlefield.

Lastly, as to be expected, certain classes and races will have access to specific skill trees, but there are also some skill trees which will only become available to the player when they perform certain actions within the world such as joining a guild or becoming a werewolf. These special skill trees and abilities are unavailable outside of these specific methods, so it is in the best interest of the player to explore as much as possible.

The Elder Scrolls Online is scheduled to release in early 2014 on the PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Will you be picking up the title? Playing it at a friend’s house first? Do you believe that The Elder Scrolls will work well in an MMO setting? Let us know below!

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