Uncharted PlayStation 4 Predictions

You could almost feel the anticipation at the PlayStation All Access Event on November 14th, one day before the launch of the PlayStation 4 in North America. Sony had previously announced more PS4 games would be announced for the platform so it came as no surprise (but welcome nonetheless) that Naughty Dog announced its latest title: Uncharted.

A simple teaser trailer was shown to announce the new game but the details will tell you it was anything but simple really. The voice of a mysterious, vengeful sounding man over an animating map give us hints at what the game could be about but perhaps the most intriguing detail of this trailer was that the game is missing the number four at the end of the title. What could this mean? Will we still play as Nathan Drake? Just what’s going on?

Three editors of Analog Addiction are here to take a stab at what Naughty Dog’s newest game will involve.

Possible spoilers for previous games may follow, so be careful… very careful!

Will we play as Nathan Drake?

Jamie Briggs – Editor-in-Chief:

Jamie Briggs

“First off, many people on the internet have theorised that Nathan Drake will not be present in this unnamed PlayStation 4 Uncharted title. I doubt that, very much. Nathan Drake is not only one of gaming’s most recognisable and unlovable characters, but he is also a PlayStation mascot.”

Drake is more than just a character at this point – he’s one of Sony’s most recognisable brands, so it makes sense to keep him. That said, one editor disagrees.

Robert Key – Nintendo Editor: 

Key analog editor photo

“My fellow AA editors are saying this next Uncharted will feature Drake, but I’m not so sure.”

“Now, I didn’t break it down or anything by observing all of its little niches and references, but I think this could be a prequel. For starters, the title was simply called “Uncharted.” We also have no idea whether or not it will feature Drake. It could, perhaps, be about Sir Francis Drake leading up to the events in the first Uncharted game, which, to me, would be really interesting.”

The inclusion of a period piece Uncharted would certainly be new ground for the franchise. And it could also relate to the glimpse of a computer screen at Naughty Dog seen in a The Last of Us trailer, which showed character models in 16th century apparel.

Of course, if Naughty Dog was to bring a new protagonist into the fold, what better time is there than a new game on a new console to do so? It’s a fresh start, if they wish to do it.


Who is the mystery voice from the trailer?

George Sinclair – PlayStation/News editor:

Sinclair analog photo

“Given the game’s history with recurring characters only appearing on Nate’s side, I’m going to say this is definitely someone we haven’t seen before (like all the villains) but this guy is quite clearly a part of Drake’s past so I’m guessing he could be an early partner of Drake’s IF this game takes place around the same time we left off from Uncharted 3.”


“My theory is that our loveable Nathan Drake has crossed paths with this character before, and that didn’t end too well. After all, Nathan Drake is a thief, and perhaps this individual came off second best in a robbery, perhaps getting captured and sent to prison, while Drake escaped freely.”

As we’ve learnt from the previous games, even Nate’s wit and charm can’t save him from having one of the most extensive array of enemies. Think Eddie Raja and Talbot as examples. He may be popular with the players, but not so much with the criminal underworld.

uncharted 3 water

Is Drake really a Drake? If not, who is he?


“I am also theorising that these events tie into the revelation made in Uncharted 3 – Nathan Drake is NOT a Drake at all. Perhaps he was friends with an ancestor of the legendary Francis Drake, and when push came to shove, and this individual got captured, Nathan decided to take on the name for himself. Now that this character has been set free – or escaped – he could now be hell-bent on getting back what is rightfully his.”


“In U3, we witnessed the revelation that Drake’s name is not really not what he says it is so here’s my crazy theory boys and girls; we’ll see Drake’s REAL Father. Nate was given up to the state by his Father when his mother committed suicide as a child. I feel Drake’s intense interest in treasure and history is where he gets his name but I reckon we’ll see the reason why he ditched his real one and that it may have something do with the voice in the trailer.”

uncharted 1

Where will Uncharted be set, this time?


“The trailer showcased some locations surrounding the Atlantic coast of South Africa, with one location standing out – The Cape of Good Hope. Now this cape has been linked to the mythology of The Flying Dutchmen before, which is a ghostly pirate ship full of dead sailors. I have strong feelings that this instalment may very well revolve around this mythology, and it is given stronger credence by the number of shipwrecks featured in the trailer. Pirate ships, perhaps?”


“At least in part, I think the game will have something to do with the Cape of Good Hope. Uncharted games have always been globe-trotting adventures so I find it hard to imagine we’ll see one setting. The Mediterranean isn’t too tremendously far from Africa so I’d like to guess it’s a mix up of the two with Nate following the trail of some long-lost fortune hunters such as himself.”

“The idea of a 16th century or pirate themed setting is reminiscent of the first Uncharted with the Spanish colony but the PS4 is a great way for Naughty Dog to stretch their legs graphically speaking so maybe a water-based location would be appealing to the studio. Pirates are ‘in’ right now as well.”


Naughty Dog is a studio known for its technical prowess and we know how it likes to push itself to produce some of the best looking visuals we’ve seen on a console.”

There are a million and one ideas for what the next Uncharted could entail, and now that you’ve had a look at what some of Analog Addiction’s editors think, it’s time for you to pitch your ideas. Think we’ll play as Drake? If we’re going to play as Drake, which Drake will we play as?

Let us know in the comments below, people!

George Sinclair is a news editor for Analog Addiction, the home of the latest news, reviews and previews. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!


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