Need For Speed Rivals: Progression, Unlockables, Map Size, and More

Ghost Games has once again decided to answer a couple of burning questions from fans of the Need For Speed franchise and have in turn revealed some more details about their upcoming title.

Need for Speed Rivals Logo

While you will be able to customize the colour, rims, and license plate on your racer’s car at the very start of the game, you will need to purchase upgrades, new pursuit tech, and decals with the Speed Points you earn during your career. For those of you who already have an idea of the incredible designs you wish to create on your car, this means you may have to play the career a bit before getting access to all of the parts necessary to bring your vision to life.

On the topic Speed Points, you will have to spend these hard earned points to gain access to faster supercars even after you unlock them by completing a Speedlist or Assignment. Once you complete the required task, you are then capable of purchasing the vehicle for your own personal use. Some players may argue that this is detrimental to the game in the sense that you cannot begin saving up early on for the best car in the game, but having to work your way up to the best supercars seems like a much more logical progression system.

During the two separate career paths you can take in Need For Speed Rivals, you can choose which Speedlists and Assignments you complete, depending on which class of racer or police officer you choose to be. Upon completing the “narrative,” you are able to resume playing as the racer and/or police officer and attempt the tasks you did not complete the first time around. While it has not be stated outright, it sounds as if after you complete your first set of Speedlists or Assignments, you are given free reign over which tasks you choose next rather than having it based on which class of racer or officer you become.


The final topics discussed are the map size and the social aspect of the game. The entire world within Rivals measures 16×16 kilometers and is “designed specifically for driving in the world’s best cars at speeds over 200mph.” The new version of Autolog will apparently be capable of suggesting friends based on geographical location, meaning that Need For Speed Rivals may actually result in you making new friends (or rivals) in your own city. Autolog will also allow you to challenge and post times on the Speedwalls of those in your general area. This may seem like a minor detail, and to some it will be, but others like myself will see this as an opportunity to become the fastest racer in their city.

Need For Speed Rivals is set to release on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC on November 19 as well as the Xbox One and PS4 when available.


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