Eurogamer Expo 2013: Driveclub Hands On

What I played of Driveclub, Sony’s upcoming driving game from Evolution studios, was alpha code. That being said it looked really good.

Drive Club #3

Driveclub at its core is a racing game where in what I played, you score points in different sections, be it how fast your average speed is, how well you drive round or a corner, how long you can hold a drift and even for how fast your time is. With this in mind, the game played well, driving is solid and I felt brutally punished for attempting to take a corner far too fast. This did get frustrating in the demo but it’s more frustration at myself rather than the game, although it felt far too easy to make those mistakes as it felt accelerating was much quicker than it was to slow down making your job a little trickier.

Drive club 1

What separates Driveclub from other racing games is its online interactivity with you being part of a team and managing a team. So your team would be competing against another team around the same track and those points in the different sections I mentioned earlier will go towards your teams overall score. Visually Driveclub did a good job at highlighting on the track different racers on yours and the other teams scores in the different sections.

However, being a demo at an expo it was nigh impossible to get a proper feel for how it fully works, as you only got a couple of laps. It will become clearer how it works and successful it is, when you create and join in your own racing teams. All in all it is a promising title and I look forward to see more of this game in the future, especially after having an enjoyable experience with it.

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