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Eurogamer 2013: Watch Dogs PS4 Impressions

Now before I begin I must stress that this preview of Watch Dogs is from a 10 minute live demo shown to us rather than actually getting hands on with the game ourselves. The game was being played on a Playstation 4 and looked great, the demo was set at night but the city of Chicago looked great and vibrant.

Watch Dogs #5

It showed a little bit of everything the game has to offer from how to hack someone in order to get some revenue to buy guns. There’s your standard variety in weapons with some silenced for stealth or assault rifles and grenade launchers if your definition of subtlety is by going loud and making things go boom. With a button appearing over their head with information on that person and if you can hack them. Once the guns are bought you have to go and meet Jordi in order to start the mission. Whilst driving – which looks solid, traffic lights highlight with a prompt when in range to activate the hack and there were other instances were the prompts came up and didn’t completely takeover the screen.


Some action was shown again with how hacking can be involved, taking over cameras to see where enemies are and making gas pipes explode if an enemy is near by. This was good as it showed how you can map out your moves and avoid enemies, or make your path a bit clearer. Shooting looked solid and enemies didn’t take a lot of bullets to take them down, this was pleasing as.

It’s hard to say with regards gameplay how good it is until we actually get our hands on it, however seeing it in action it looked good and there’s reason to be excited for this title. Hacking looked easy to pull off and the final hacking upgrade really cool to see. More importantly it looked fun to hack.

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