News on DLC for ‘The Last of Us’

Today some information came out regarding the contents of The Last of Us‘ season pass. The first package of DLC that season pass holders will be entitled to is titled “Abandoned Territories Map Pack” and as the name suggests, will be providing several new locales for multiplayer. Posted on the Playstation blog, a representative from Naughty Dog explains:

Weather the opposing Faction and the random, dynamic dust storm on the Suburbs map. Explore a layered map of an overgrown urban environment with wild giraffes in the background in the Bus Depot map. Stalk around in a dark, eerie, moonlit, environment – the perfect setting for some serious stealth – in the Hometown map. Bookstore features a stacked, bi-level layout adding a highly unique dose of vertical gameplay.

There were also some screenshots to accompany the explanation, showing off some of what gamers will be able to expect.

Last of Us DLC#2

Last of Us DLC#1

These new maps will be available for download (or purchase if you do not have the season pass) on October 15th. While the first DLC is scheduled to release in just over two weeks’ time, the second item in the season pass will have you waiting significantly longer. It is reportedly single-player content and required casting of an additional character, hence the longer waiting period. There is no precise release date for this story-driven DLC yet, but it is estimated that it will be released in December or January.

The announcements did not stop there, however, as the third piece of DLC included in the season pass will be multiplayer-focused and will launch at some point in the first half of next year. Naughty Dog seems to appreciate that it will feel like a lengthy period of time before season pass holders are able to access all of the content they bought in advance, so they have decided to add some extra content for pass holders. In addition to the three DLC packs, they are making more than 60 head customization items available to pass holders as well. These items will be available to everyone else as well, but the latter will have to purchase the items separately.

Last of Us DLC#3

We will keep you updated with the latest about The Last of Us and its DLC as more information becomes available. In the meantime, how do you feel, knowing that season pass holders will potentially be waiting until June of next year to receive their last piece of DLC? Do the multiplayer items which are now included ease the pain? Are you fine with the wait? Let us know in the comments below!

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