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Over Half of UK Thinks Video Games Cause Aggression

In a survey conducted by YouGov where applicants had to answer only “yes” or “no,” it found that 61 per cent of Britons blame video games for aggressive behaviour.

On the other side of the spectrum, 57 per cent believed video games serve as an adequate and safe outlet for anger or frustration.


The survey also shows that older people aged 60 and above held a clear majority for believing video games are the cause of violence. Adding to this, these same people were also the ones with either little or no experience playing video games whatsoever whereas those who see games as harmless entertainment were the ones with the most experience.

The idea that video games are to blame for heightened aggression is nothing new. Like Rock music or comics or any other new medium of entertainment, it has fallen under the microscope in recent years. Speaking on the matter, Andrew Przybylski of Oxford university said “The present polling shows that Britons currently have mixed views of electronic games. This ambivalence might be temporary as the population at large becomes more familiar with games.”

Gaming of course is a new entertainment medium so as the years ago on and the wider acceptance it receives, the idea that it causes violence is bound to diminish.

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