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Fable Creator – GTAV Sales “Not Impressive”

Despite making $800 million in 24 hours thus doubling its spent budget, Grand Theft Auto V’s sales are “not impressive” says Fable creator Peter Molynuex.


Speaking at a mobile innovation conference with Mobile Entertainment last night, the developer said “It [GTAV] will achieve around $1 billion in revenue on consoles in just one month,” after noting the game’s popularity.

“Sounds impressive doesn’t it?” Molynuex asked rhetorically before adding “No. That’s not impressive.”

Molynuex continued by comparing the sales of GTAV, a big budget AAA title to the Mobile platform and mobile games who he says are “achieving between $3 million and $5 million a day.”

“That is impressive,” Molynuex concluded.

Whilst Molynuex has a point about the profitability of mobile games, the comparison to their and GTAV’s gargantuan sales this week is a bit of an odd one as the two operate on two different platforms in two different markets.

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  1. I think he just thrives on the limelight, and where else but to bask off the ‘reflective rays’ of GTA 5…… since he really had nothing to do with the success of it. They are always some place for unique persons but Mr. This Will Be The Best Game Ever…(said before for each Fable)… is starting to appear quite tired and weak. I really liked this guy back then in the Ninety’s when he had mentions and interviews in the then classy magazine called Next Generation…. . This was the guy often mentioned with the likes of Brett Sperry, Sid Meier, Will Wright and others. Now he has gone from being one of the great visionaries… some kind of critic….hmmm how hard did he bumped his head from the fall from the Penthouse. I like Fable…. I just wish Peter would start a new i.p…. and make a great game….. like the days of before.


  2. What the hell is this dickhead talking about “not impressed, you’re a fucking idiot, your games suck,GTA puts your gay ass games like fable to shame faggot.


  3. GTA V has made $1 billion in 3 days. That’s a lot more than $3 million a day wouldn’t you say Peter? Molynuex is a clown, a liar, and a shitty game developer.


  4. Funny coming from a guy who hasnt put out a deacent game since fable 1. Everything since has been trash. Talk about a lack of innovation. Sure mobile games may generate a lot of revenue, but thats due to it targetting kids with their parents ipads and old people killing time. The only impressive thing about mobile games is the amount of idiots they con into buying trash.


  5. To al lthe morons here and the butthurt gta fantards.

    What he said is basicly this

    “look at gta v sales, its impressive isnt it?”

    But if you reallize that gta v get high sales and ratings for pretty much being gta and having the same popularity and mass appeal as cod. You reallize that a such well known franchise with such long history and high content can logically get those hih sales but :

    “mobile games making millions daily? THATS IMPRESSIVE”

    Thats all he said he is not hating your precious gta v or he is bitter. He is showing that there is a diffirent way of making high revenue through mobile games instead of sticking to retailers like gamestop.



  6. So how is GTA V making as much money as a million other titles put together? Has anything that Molyneux made ever reached a fraction of what GTA V did on the first day of sales?


  7. He is right. While many want to say that mobile games aren’t actually games, they ARE. 8 years ago everyone said mobile would not amount to anything, it has and it will continue to dominate as the years go by due to tech enhancements. Video Games are one market made up of different platforms so the comparison works just fine. Soon, 90% of console games will adopt the GaaS approach as they have been prepping all this time will DLC, bonuses, etc. At this point, if the GTAs and CODs didn’t make this much money day one then there would be a problem.


  8. he says that mobile games making a few million per day are more impressive. sorry no they aren’t. those arent games they are money milking machines and not worth even a 10th of GTA 5 in terms of actual quality or entertainment per dollar spent.


  9. Fable fuckin sucks now Peter. You can’t innovate nothing anymore, you are a empty vessel of no ideas now and should retire and drink tea with your wife and tell her about the good old days when you could make a decent game when you were a wee young lad.


  10. This guy is a fucking tool and his last game was a flop he’s just jealous that he cannot consistently release good games as rockstar do


  11. What a fuckin troll. He says mobile games, but fails to mention a single mobile game that matches GTA V 1 day sales. I can easily do what he did. his figure isn’t impressive when console games made over $2 billion first day sales and are on track to make another billion once COD releases.


  12. What a bitter little shit this man is! Comparing mobile to console sales! Fucking idiot! Mobile games are FAR cheaper than AAA titles – utter stupidity!


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