PlayStation 4 “50%” More Powerful Than Xbox One Say Developers

Developers working with both consoles have made the claim that the PlayStation 4 is 50 per cent faster than the Xbox One despite Microsoft’s claims to the contrary.

PS4 Console 03

Speaking to Edge, the various developers who gave information as anonymous sources say the PS4’s memory acts far quicker than the XBO’s. For example, for multiplatform games running on both consoles, the PS4 can run at 30 frames per second in 1920×1080 whilst the Xbox One will only be able to run at 20FPS in 1600×900.

One developer named the console “a pain to use” when talking about its ESRAM.

Xbox One

In July we saw Microsoft upgrade the Xbox One’s clock speed which was designed boost the console’s overall performance by around ten per cent. The PlayStation 4 however, according to one developer, explained how the improvement hasn’t changed things all that much. “The clock speed update is not significant, it does not change things that much.”

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for Xbox One as the console does hold some advantages over the PS4’s head.

“Let’s say you are using procedural generation or raytracing via parametric surfaces – that is, using a lot of memory writes and not much texturing or ALU – Xbox One will be likely be faster,” said one developer.

With the PS4’s apparent head over heels advantage over the Xbox One with memory speed, one developer argues that this can actually work against Sony since producing the same game on both consoles but with one far more powerful version doesn’t “make any financial sense.”

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  1. In the end, an Xbox One user is not going to notice the difference since they won’t have a PlayStation 4 to compare it to (most likely)


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