The Nintendo 2DS has One Large Screen, Not Two Separate Displays


Nintendo executive vice president of sales and marketing, Scott Moffitt, has revealed that the company’s newly revealed 2DS does not, in fact, have two separate screens. Rather, the new handheld features one large touchscreen partially masked by the system’s outer shell to give the appearance of dual screens.

The news, which comes courtesy of USGamer, had Moffitt explaining that the simulation of a dual set of screens was merely designed as a cost-effective development measure for the new system.

“The appearance of separate screens is merely simulated by the way the case masks out the extraneous portions,” Moffitt told USGamer. “This means the entire screen is by necessity a touchscreen, with the upper screen protected by a layer of plastic that sits above it.”

This announcement clears up a number of questions regarding the strikingly different new design of the Nintendo 2DS, including, the hardware’s departure from the traditional DS clam shell, folding design. A singular touch screen embedded in the entirety of the device would, of course, make a clam shell design an impossibility.

For more information concerning the Nintendo 2DS, including a gallery of the newly revealed system, keep things tuned right here to Analog Addiction.

source: USGamer, IGN

 Javan Rivera is Analog Addiction’s resident Nintendo Editor, but he loves discussing and writing about all things video game related. Follow him on Twitter for more news and information, and be sure to follow the official Analog Addiction Twitter feed as well, for all the latest gaming coverage.


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