Inside Scoop: For the Love of God Never Attend Full Sail University

I have wasted almost thirty-five thousand dollars of my life on stupid, useless debt.

A car to make sure I get to work: $15k
Credit Card bill racked up from buying my siblings christmas presents: $700
School that turned out to be a complete rip-off: $19k

That last item is important here, as I somehow just nicked myself an extra 5080.94 US Dollars (that’s 3.270,01 British Pounds and 5,674.49 AUD) by committing the horrible, worse-than-child-diddling crime of leaving the current school I was at to pursue education elsewhere.

The school? Full Sail University (Online).

The reason I’m obviously in the heat of the moment and typing this out of pure, irrational seething rage? I had already set up a loan to take care of this money when the school decides to charge me instead of the bank I loaned from.


Allow me to elaborate; I will start from the beginning.
I first considered Full Sail after I left the shallow DeVry University in the winter/spring of 2012. My friend Patrick, who had also left DeVry at the same time, told me all about how cool this school was and that they gave you a cool laptop to use. Radical, right? How could I refuse.

Much like a child, though, Full Sail was able to use the promise of candy to draw me into its van in order to basically molest every dime out of my young, naive body. I took classes to further myself towards a degree in Computer Animation, but then, several months later, I turned my eye to their Game Design degree. In order to avoid having to pay an additional two thousand dollars from my own pocket due to the higher cost of the Game Design courses, I needed to take a four month hiatus from the school, and returned on exactly February 4th, 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 11.11.41 PM

For the following months, I’m doing well in my classes. I’m succeeding, and having a great deal of fun. But as seems to be my curse, and a fault of mine, I felt that I was wasting my time at Full Sail. I learned that credits from FS won’t transfer from there to other schools if I wished to do so, the first warning flag. The second warning came when I discovered how little respect a Full Sail Degree would receive from a prospective employer. I knew I needed to get out of there fast.

I sent an email to a student advisor, questioning her about Full Sail’s credit transfers, to which she admitted as being true. I then asked to withdraw from the school. She informed me that I would still be charged for the remainder of the semester; classes that I would never take. I wanted out, so, seeing as I had already set up and sent a loan to my school, I filed my withdrawal papers and went on my merry little way.

But, no. Recently, I’ve been receiving invoices and bills to pay my school a disturbing $5,079.94 to cover my apparent betrayal. No, this is bullcrap. Sorry, this is bullshit. The fact that they were unclear in their disclosures about the terms of my withdrawal, the fact that nobody at that school seems to want to reply to my messages without remarking that they technically told me the truth, if not in a misleading fashion, sends a very clear message. Full Sail University only wants my money. Nothing more. Education can suffocate under the weight of their Scrooge McDuck gold coin swimming pool.

Now, if I could somehow turn out my pockets and find over five-thousand dollars in there to shut them the hell up, I’d gladly. The thing is, though, I don’t make much money. I write for this site, happily, completely free of charge, and I don’t make much money at my 40+ hour a week job. I have loads of bills and monthly payments to dish out before I can even think of saving a cent.

If you’re young, or old, and you’re trying to get a degree in Game Design or whatever Full Sail has to offer, please find somewhere else. Find a college whose credits transfer easily from school to school. Find a university that won’t get you laughed out of a job interview. Most importantly, don’t follow your friends to a dream college that they don’t know much about themselves just because you’re a gullible idiot like myself.

For the love of God avoid this school like the plague.

You can find me here, mostly, but I have a twitter @Fuhjem and a website called turtlecade.com that you should check out.


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  1. Sorry to hear that my friend, I know money and study troubles like nobodies business. You have a bright future man, this is just a hurdle.


  2. Very interesting and disturbing at the same time. I will admit I wanted to enroll in the same course a few years ago but realized I was not disciplined enough to do online and the best thing for me would be to go there and learn hands on with my fellow classmates. Problem was I was in Puerto Rico with a family, home and a job so I decided against it. It so happens, I came to NY in 2011 and went back to school for a 1 yr course in Graphic Design and Animation. There I took the whole Adobe CS suite and 3DS MAX. I learned Unity 3D on my own and took a small course online also for about $25 and we made 2 games. I actually fell in love with video editing and VFX so I also took a free 4 week course on Final Cut Pro X at the Apple store here in Manhattan also. Although I am working in an unrelated field for now, I do freelance and I start an internship this week at http://www.gravityworld.com which has me way excited. Hope you get through ok.


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