Capcom Talks About the Future of Resident Evil

Today Capcom revealed that they are taking fan criticism seriously when discussing the company’s future plans for the long-running zombie franchise.

The news comes courtesy of an interview with MCV where former Capcom marketing boss Michael Pattison told the publication that, not only is Capcom taking fan criticism of Resident Evil 6 seriously, but the next entry in the series will return to the franchise’s horror roots.

Resident Evil 6 pic 2

“We have obviously seen the consumer response and the PR response,” Pattison told MCV. “There was some great positives out of that, but it was a mixed bag, as we saw from the review scores. We have got to take that on-board, we can’t ignore that, and we have to take that onto the next game when we make the next Resident Evil.”

We have of course, heard these sorts of promises from Capcom in the past, however, the specificity with which Pattinson addressed Resident Evil 6’s heavy criticism might just indicate that change is truly on its way.

“With Resident Evil 6 specifically, we probably put too much content in there, there were comments from consumers that said it felt bloated,” Pattison said. “The Leon missions went down very well, and because we did Resident Evil Revelations on 3DS, there was a cry out for us to focus our attention on survival horror, rather than be too many things to all people. You’ll find where we go next will likely be more targeted at our core fanbase.”

Pattison then went on to address the issue of the ever rising popularity of zombies in the gaming market, and why he believes there’s still room for growth.

“A lot is said about the saturation of this zombie, post-apocalyptic survival horror. But it is still alive and well. The Last of Us shows a good direction of what the consumers want. Tomb Raider as well, we spoke to R&D and they looked at that and they enjoyed that experience. I think that proves there is still a strong market for that sort of content.”

Let us know what you think about Resident Evil’s potential return to form in the comments below.

source: MCV

Javan Rivera is a contributor to Analog Addiction. Follow him on Twitter for more gaming news and information.


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