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Animal Crossing: New Leaf gaining momentum in the UK


The weekly update for the UK software charts are in, and Nintendo in particular is looking at some mixed results.

The good news for the company is that Animal Crossing: New Leaf continues to show strong sales growth, moving up to third on the list for the week. The title has seen improved sales with no drop off from the previous week.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Nintendo’s latest Wii U release, Pikmin 3. The title, which was sitting at second place last week has seen a rather sharp decline in sales, settling at number 15.

New Super Luigi U seems to be doing quite well, considering its initial release as downloadable content, but ultimately is sitting rather low, at number 37.

However, despite the Wii U’s troubling drop in the software charts, the Nintendo 3DS has maintained strong growth, with titles such as Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. sitting in 11th place, and Luigi’s Mansion 2, coming in 21st.

All things considered, Nintendo is continuing to see strong performance in the handheld market. However, Pikmin 3’s decline in the charts presents some troubling news for the Japanese gaming giant.

source: UKIE

Javan Rivera is a contributor to Analog Addiction. Follow him on Twitter for more gaming news and information.


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