New GTA V Screenshots: The Fast Life

Today Rockstar via Rockstar Newswire unveiled 11 new screenshots from the hugely anticipated game GTA V. The screenshots can be seen below and see the three main protagonists in some very different situations with some callbacks to previous games. In addition, we will be getting the first proper details regarding Grand Theft Auto Online in August.

The Fast Life 6

The Fast Life 7

The Fast Life 9

The Fast Life 1

The Fast Life 4

The Fast Life 5

The Fast Life 10

The Fast Life 2

The Fast Life 3

The Fast Life 11

The Fast Life 8

So what do you think of these new screenshots? What do you think Grand Theft Auto Online will be? As ever leave a comment below.

Hugh Simmonds is a contributor to Analog Addiction, follow him on Twitter for his random musings.Β 


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  1. With the GTA V launch slightly over one month away, It’s really exciting to see snapshot photos of the three lead characters in action. As a huge Grand Theft Auto 5 fan,I can’t wait for this game to hit the shelves on gaming retail stores.


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