News Wants Their Fish Back

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With the sudden and inflammatory departure of FEZ creator Phil Fish, a lot of gamers are left with a hole in their hearts. I know I am.

But while there are many who proclaim their pleasure of Fish’s departure, there are still people who want Phil Fish to come back. is a petition site dedicated to trying to grab Phil’s ear to tell him how much they want him back making acclaimed videogames that they love.

Now, I have my doubts that if Fish truly wants to remove himself from gaming, he’ll give any credence to coming back by the will of the people, but there is still the chance that he, as an emotional person, needs some time to cool down and perhaps this petition will help him.

Either way, if you like him, I see no harm in signing it. If you don’t, then you probably never will and should just ignore this altogether.

You can follow Frank on Twitter @Fuhjem. You can also visit his totes hip new website about the vidyagames and whatnot,


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