Day: July 18, 2013

Dragon’s Prophet Updated- New Zone Added

Sony Online Entertainment has released its first major content update for the Dragon’s Prophet Open Beta. Game Update OB 0.2 features Dragon’s Prophet‘s seventh zone, Wintertide. Wintertide is an area covered in perpetual frost and plagued by war. “Wintertide has been in a constant state of combat since […]

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Infinite Crisis Multiverse Art

Infinite Crisis is a free-to-play MOBA for PC currently in Closed Beta. The game is based around the DC multiverse and Turbine has released several pieces of art showcasing some of some of the multiverse trios. *Click the images to enlarge them The Superman trio all but confirms […]

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Is Nintendo resurrecting Seaman?

Could Nintendo be reviving one of SEGA’s most bizarre franchises? Some recent trademarks registered by Nintendo seem to indicate that might be the case. The franchise in question is game designer Yoot Saito’s experimental Dreamcast title, Seaman. The two Japanese trademarks filed by Nintendo include, “Mysterious Partner: Legend of […]

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