Day: June 30, 2013

Next-Gen Prince of Persia Wish List

A while ago, Ubisoft stated that the Prince of Persia franchise was on hold (bummer #1). After that, a few screenshots were posted on Climax Studios’ website, and everyone thought that they represented the next generation PoP. Unfortunately, those turned out to be mere concept pieces, and nothing […]

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“Journey Into Mystery” #653 Review

Journey Into Mystery #653 Written by: Kathryn Immonen Art by: Valerio Schitti   An absolute space oddity, Journey Into Mystery #653 is another strange, and engaging entry in the series. Immonen uses subtle comedy that suits the brash protagonist of the series, Sif, and creates an intriguing conflict […]

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Spartacus Legends Review

Platforms: Xbox 360/Playstation 3                   Genre: Fighting Developer: Kung Fu Factory          Publisher: Ubisoft Platform Reviewed on: Xbox 360 This past week saw Spartacus Legends get released to the world on PSN and XBLA, a game following the Free to Play (F2P) […]

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