Sony Cut Out The PlayStation 4 Eye To Be Cheaper Than Xbox One

Sony has revealed how it cut the PlayStation Eye out of the package for the PlayStation 4 to undercut Microsoft’s price of the Xbox One.

PS4 Console 4

Sources confirmed to IGN the decision came in the months leading up to Sony’s press conference at E3 this year. Before the change, the PlayStation Eye would come boxed along with the console itself. Sony informed retailers the PS4 would no longer come with the Eye but saved the news of its new price for E3 which allowed everyone to find out at the same time, including said retailers.

However, the problem with cutting out the Eye is that it no longer exposes PlayStation 4 users to PlayStation Eye related games. There are a few features that count on the PlayStation Eye such as the DualShock 4’s ability to communicate with the Eye via the lightbar on the front of the controller. Now they Eye’s optional, there’s going to be less players who are exposed to games relying on these features.

The Xbox One has a mandatory Kinect which may be unpopular but at least its users will get exposure to Kinect games.

What do you think? Does the cheaper price for the PS Eye seem like a worthy sacrifice to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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