Indestructible Hulk #9 Review

Indestructible_Hulk_Vol_1_9_TextlessIndestructible Hulk #9

Written by: Mark Waid
Art by: Matteo Scalera

By this point, Marvel should transform Indestructible Hulk to Hulk Team-Up, because the past 4 issues of the series have been the character at its best in recent years. Whether it be Thor or Daredevil, other heroes bring out the best in Bruce Banner. With Indestructible Hulk #9, Waid carefully combines the arrogant comedy of this series with the witty, adventure vibe of Daredevil, to much success.

This issue works off the concept that Matt Murdock is Banner’s lawyer, who checks in once a week to make sure S.H.I.E.L.D. is treating him fairly. It’s an out-there concept, but Waid makes everything so lovable in this issue, that it works as the perfect example of a logical and fun usage of a shared universe in comics. Waid always manages to add a third dimension to this series in every issue, as he reveals Matt’s influence on Banner’s moral compass as he tells him not to murder.

The comedy in this issue does the book plenty of favours, on a both physical and verbal level. Maria Hill’s snark about lending Banner her headphones gave me a genuine, audible chuckle, and the horizontal panel sequence of Hulk and Daredevil crashing the bar was worthy of applause.

The art was surprising, in that it matched the tone of Daredevil prior to the relaunch, with more grit, than what I expected, being a more Chris Samnee cartoony style. While the art had nice touches to match the Daredevil series, with the radar appearing behind Matt’s ear, it would have been nice to see the series stick to the distinct Leinil Yu style or Samnee/Riveira style that we have grown to associate these characters with.

Whether it be Thor or Daredevil, other heroes bring out the best in Bruce Banner. With Indestructible Hulk #9’s inclusion of Daredevil, Waid continues to prove that there is much to love about the volatile, arrogant being that is the Hulk. With every moment of laughter, Waid manages to add a layer of character growth to the Hulk, and the other characters he teams up with.

Score: 8.9/10


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