Another Leaked PlayStation 4 Release Date Emerges

A Dutch retailer has listed the PlayStation 4 for a November 13th release date.

PS4 Console 03

NeoGAF user Cyborg managed to get a picture of the promotional poster in a branch of Dutch retailer MediaMarkt and posted it online earlier today. This release date seemingly confirms the PS4 for a launch this November at least in Europe. Earlier this week the British newspaper The Sun featured an advert listing the PS4 for a November 21st release date which is just over a week after this latest leaked release date.

MediaMarkt is no small retailer however. In fact the company is one of the largest electronics retailers in Europe which means it would no doubt be in contact with Sony and if anyone’s privy to the release dates of such devices as the PS4, it would likely be an organisation such as MediaMarkt.

ps4 console 3

Another interesting fact to note is the date itself. Both this and the date in The Sun are both very precise and are right in the middle of the month where most placeholder dates are often at the beginning or the end of a month so it’s unlikely these dates would be place holders.

What do you think? Does this release date seem legitimate to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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