Bethesda Explains Why Prey 2 Is AWOL

Prey 2 simply isn’t good enough according to Bethesda’s vice-president of PR and marketing, Pete Hines and this is why the game has been off the grid for quite some time.

Prey 2 Wallpaper

Hines explained why Prey 2 has disappeared from existence aside from a few leaks here and there. In an interview with IGN, the PR VP said “We appreciate that folks are displeased that we haven’t had any update or any info on Prey 2, but whatever your displeasure is, you can’t even be remotely as unhappy about it as us. We spent years and millions of dollars and a ton of effort trying to help [developer] Human Head make a great Prey 2 game. What we said the last time we said anything was that it’s not up to our quality standards.”

“It’s simply not good enough,” Hines continued to explain. “We’re nit just going to proceed blindly with something that isn’t good enough.” Hines goes on to elaborate on this further by stating an update on the game’s development when the quality of the game picks up. “You can’t just keep throwing money at it saying ‘sure, it’ll eventually work.’ You have to have the discipline to say, ‘it’s not good enough. It’s not hitting the quality bar.'”


“That’s where we are,” Hines added.

In regards to the leaks coming out from Human Head such as the game being in limbo and allegations of Bethesda masking the truth, Hines addressed these claims as being made by people weren’t “actually in the room.” He went on to emphasise how the decision to hold back the game isn’t personal and instead is about getting a quality product out onto the market.

Hines concludes with acknowledging how fans are worried about the game but assures them the decision to delay Prey 2 time and time again is for a good reason.

In regards to the rumour of Arkane Austin now handling development of Prey 2, it wasn’t brought up in the interview which for now, leaves that particular rumour out there.

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  1. Nice to hear someone talk about the game, the eerie silence was pretty disappointing. Guess Prey 2 is gone, but hey a least they tried.


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