Microsoft Confirms Price of Xbox One Games

Xbox One Logo

Update: An Australian Microsoft spokesperson has replied to our query regarding the pricing model of Xbox One games in Australia.

Please note that information on the price of titles is not available at this point but we will keep you in the loop if we hear anything further.

Original Story: Microsoft has confirmed first-party titles for the Xbox One will retail for $59.99, the same price as most titles when they first release.

Microsoft representatives confirmed this information to IGN, Polygon and Kotaku. Microsoft stated “first-party titles”, which could mean some third party published games retail above Microsoft’s $59.99.

Sony America CEO Jack Tretton suggested in February that games would range from $0.99 – $60, though no official confirmation has been made.

This is good news for gaming fans, especially Australian consumers who have been staring at $120 placeholder prices since the consoles announcement.

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