‘Bayonetta 2’ Won’t Be Appearing On Other Consoles

platinumgamesPlatinum Games developer Hideki Kamiya, has expressed the unlikeliness of Bayonetta 2 ever coming to Sony or Microsoft consoles.

Ever since Bayonetta released, fans have been clamoring for a sequel. The chances of this were very slim, with Kamiya stating that it is Nintendo’s kindness behind the unlikely follow-up.

Kamiya went on to state that they are just the developer, and Nintendo has the final say where the project will be released. This means that Bayonetta 2 will stay an exclusive for the Wii U, unless Nintendo decide to publish on other consoles.

If that didn’t make the situation obvious, Kamiya urged fans to ask Nintendo to publish the game on PlayStation 3, even suggesting they ask for Zelda while they are at it.

Fans of the Bayonetta series will have to play the game on Wii U, if they ever want to experience Bayonetta 2.

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