Marvel Cancels Journey Into Mystery

Lady Sif - JIM

Say it ain’t so. Along with Winter Soldier and Red She-Hulk, Journey Into Mystery joins the soon to be cancelled books due to low sales.

Journey Into Mystery #652

Immonen confirmed on her blog today that the series has been canceled as of August’s issue #655:

We are done with 655. But seeing as we were basically cooked right out of the gate, I’m going to call hanging in for nearly a year a success. To be truthful, the real challenge that we inherited with this book was living up to the beautiful work that Kieron et al had done previously and the amazing reader energy that had been generated.

If all that had happened with our ten issues was to extend the influence of the astonishing Valerio Schiti, that would have been enough. As it is, I’m so proud of what Valerio, Jordie, Clayton, Pepe and I put on the page under Lauren and Jake’s fearless leadership. I’m also thrilled to have been able to write Sif as a fierce warrior and a lovable dork. I hope she finds a new home somewhere with a lot of things to say and a lot of things to kill.

Thanks for reading.

It’s sad to read because this has been one of the best women centric books Marvel has released and it really hasn’t disappointed either. This leaves fans of the female series with one less to turn to, but if anything it shows that fans need to give books like this a chance because they are quality and need the chance to shine.

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  1. This is sad news I liked Journey into Mystery, now this make me more worried about Captain Marvel and Fearless Defenders both are great book that I enjoy


  2. I’m so disappointed about this. First Red She-Hulk, now JiM. And Captain Marvel has piss-poor sales, too (though I don’t know how it’s doing in digital sales). Why is it that Marvel fans are so unwilling to read a female solo title? DC has 5 of them in top 100, but Marvel doesn’t have any. They’re great, well-written books, with great characters, and great art. So why aren’t people reading them? JiM looked gorgeous, and had a great mix of humour, drama and action. But the sales were terrible. Apparently, people would rather read a piece of crap series like Deadpool, one of the worst books Marvel’s put out in a long time.


    • Couldn’t have said that better myself. Deadpool has done nothing but disappoint me compared to any like JIM and Red She-Hulk.


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