DayZ Will Come To PS4 But Maybe Not Xbox One

DayZ creator Dean Hall has suggested how he may skip an Xbox One launch of DayZ in favour of sticking to the PlayStation 4.

PS4 Console 03

“We’re happy to see DayZ on any console,” said Hall to Edge Online in regards to the prospect of his Arma Mod-turned-smash-hit coming to the PC and next-gen consoles. “But there is a…I guess one problem. The console needs not to to charge us to do updates and it needs to be indie title friendly.”

Hall is referring to the high cost of updating your game on a Microsoft system which is allegedly $10,000 per update. “As far as I’m aware, Microsoft is [charging], Sony’s not.”

The DayZ creator then explains the game’s starting off point as a mod means it has a lot of technical issues which would require fixing by patches. “It’s gonna take a long time for us to be able to iron this out and we don’t wanna have to be paying ten, twenty thousand dollars every time we wanna do an update.”

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