E3 2013: More on ‘Titanfall’

Titanfall Screen 2

“It is a multiplayer-focused game.” Words straight from the mouth of Vince Zampella of Respawn Entertainment. However, within this experience, the team at Respawn wants to ensure that the player truly feels the connection between a pilot and their titan. With multiple different ways to enter your titan, fluidity and AI clearly play a key part in this game.

Respawn Entertainment wants to keep a balance between the pilots and the titans in the sense that there are sections of the game which are only accessible to the pilot or are better suited to the pilot, as well as portions of the game where the titan is far more appropriate. In the demo yesterday, you may have noticed that the pilot had a cloaking device of some kind while on foot and running towards some enemy titans and this was implemented in the name of giving the player a chance. Realistically, a soldier running straight at a few giant machines wielding machine guns, rocket launchers, and all kinds of other devastating weapons wouldn’t last more than a few seconds, so in an attempt to counteract this, the pilots have been given temporary cloaks while on foot. It hasn’t been confirmed as to how long they last or if they recharge while on foot, but it will at least give the pilot a fighting chance.

The game itself is done in a “vignette” style whereby players will tackle single maps at a time and the outcome of that encounter will lead into the next one. While it may seem like explaining the story in this way is a simple way of saying that the story is linear, only time will tell. The game’s plot boils down to a corporation landing on a planet and wanting to mine for resources against the desire of the inhabitants. Both the corporation and the citizens of the planet have access to titans, but due to the huge discrepancy in finances, resources, etc, the ones belonging to the corporation are understandably larger and stronger.

Given that the game is a Microsoft exclusive, Titanfall will be available on the PC and Xbox 360 as well as the Xbox One.

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