E3 2013: More on ‘Thief’

Thief Screen 3

While not a sequel or prequel, the upcoming title Thief is Eidos Montreal’s “re-imagining” of the Thief franchise while remaining true to the original games.

In order to really capture the essence of stealth, the shroud around the main character’s face, and along the edge of your HUD, acts as a meter to show you how hidden you are. Where this feature gets really interesting is the fact that the surfaces you traverse impact how noticeable you are. If you walk through grass, your footsteps are quieter so you remain more hidden, whereas if you run through water, you’ll be giving away your location in no time. There is also a “focus” mode which is very similar in appearance to the “detective mode” from the Arkham series. The screen goes grey with enemies or important points glowing blue, making it easier for you to target enemies with projectile weapons in the dark or giving you a hint on how to progress. The “focus” mode is not mandatory and you can disable it if you think using it makes things too simple.

In the name of trying to be as stealthy as possible, the projectiles you throw will shatter on impact. While this does mean that you can’t pick them back up and reuse them, it is done so that there is next to no trace that you were ever there. When you’re trying to steal priceless artifacts or snatch someone’s wallet, the last thing you want is someone summoning their inner CSI and finding some evidence you left.

Thief will be released some time in 2014 for the PS4, Xbox One, and “high end” PC’s.

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