Next Halo Predictions Based On The E3 Teaser

Halo Xbox One Reveal 02

Here’s a  break down of what the teaser for the next Halo may have in store for us in 2014. Some find it odd while many fans would find it exciting given the situation Chief finds himself in after Halo 4. Being a teaser nothing is certain, but that doesn’t stop us from questioning what may be.

Chief Becomes The Lone Ranger

For those who have beat Halo 4, you know Chief’s relationship with the UNSC. They don’t really care for him, he’s just another solider, one that they believe is dysfunctional. Not to mention one that they think can be replaced just because he’s an older Spartan that was made by Halsey. Now that Chief has saved the world, losing Cortana in the process, there’s no reason for him to stick around and take orders. If anything he’s going to go out and figure out his purpose, save the world the same way he has since the beginning.

He obviously doesn’t want to be found if he’s wondering all the way out there in a cloak. That is aside from being 7ft+ and wearing a giant green suit which makes him stand out. The one thing that stood out most in Halo 4 was finding your humanity, Chief finding his humanity, and this might be the journey in which he finds that. We have gone from something action heavy to something dark and emotional, a shift that this story has always led to and this teaser shows us that is what we will see. Chief is at a place now where he is vulnerable, where for once being a soldier is not enough.

Halo Xbox One Reveal 04

More Forerunner Technology

This massive mech that rises from the ground is the biggest mystery so far. Why is it there? Is this something Chief will have to fight? Did he run into it by chance or is it something he was looking for? Those of us who played through Spartan Ops know that there is so much Forerunner tech out there to be discovered and this may very well be one of those pieces of tech Chief has stumbled across.

Halo Xbox One Reveal 03

So now we have to question if this will tie into the inevitable war for the lost Forerunner technology. If so, would Chief take part in this? Because either way he was created for the fight to come and the only way is for humanity to claim everything that was supposed to be left to them.

Fight To Reclaim Cortana

For just a couple of seconds we saw Chief take out what looked like a dog tag at first, but was really Cortana’s chip that he puts in the back of his helmet. So we can either be seeing the fallout emotionally of losing Cortana, or there could be some plan put in motion to bring her back. Despite the impact of her death, being an AI and so close to the Forerunners makes her too key of a player to forget.

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  1. It looks interesting at least; personally I’m not so fussy about Forerunner tech, as I’d rather they focused on telling a more personal story, which chief and Cortana in Halo 4 did well, but the rest of the story mostly acted as a carrier for (the whole Didact thing never felt important, regardless of the stakes). It was one of the reasons that Infinity was disappointing as well, as the Halo 4 campaign actually doesn’t spend much time around the ship and the crew at all, and Lasky was a let down as well with very little tie-in to Forward Unto Dawn; I mean his reaction to seeing the chief seemed more like he’d just heard of him, rather than actually been saved by him as a cadet under difficult circumstances.

    I dunno, while “The Reclamation” is obviously going to be the big theme for the series to come, I hope 343 industries can put a focus not on what big piece of tech is threatening Earth this time, but rather the effect it has on people as generals begin sacrificing too much in the pursuit of more Forerunner artefacts, maybe even with some UNSC elements outright hostile towards the chief, though I would still like some more involvement from friendly NPCs as well as they are what add character and emotion to a game. Halo 4 spends too much time with you alone (if you play solo) which makes it hard to feel much for what’s going on, other than the stuff with Cortana.

    I dunno, the chief going it alone is interesting, but the game needs to have enough characters to give the events some kind of weight, otherwise it’s just the chief in endless firefights you don’t care about, which is what Halo 4 felt like at times.


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