E3 2013: Capcom Announces Dead Rising 3

Update: Microsoft has provided us with brand new screenshots from the recently announced Dead Rising 3.

Original Story: Capcom has announced Dead Rising 3 for the Xbox One with a new city and a new main character.


The events of Dead Rising 3 take place 3 days after a zombie outbreak has ravaged the city. The demo then walks us through the new protagonist, Nick, trying to get to a save house through the hoard of zombies. Dead Rising 3 will feature a completely open world with no load times. The player will have goals that can be met through various means such as avoiding zombies by climbing buildings, using flares to distract large groups of the undead and causes environmental distractions.

Dead Rising 3 will also feature a real-time crafting system similar to The Last of Us to build and adapt weapons. The game will also have SmartGlass support. The example shown was the presenter using his mobile phone to call in artillery.

Dead Rising 3 will launch exclusively on the Xbox One.


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