Pre-E3 Call of Duty: Ghosts “All Access” Detailed

Call of Duty - Ghosts #20


‘No Man’s Land’, the second level featuring Riley in action has been revealed, thanks again to GamersPrey.

Check out the other level, as well as more details below.


‘Into the Deep’ gameplay footage revealed, all thanks to GamersPrey.

Check out the details on both those levels below.

During a pre-E3 “All Access” live-stream which took place today, Activision revealed the first gameplay footage from the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts.

The first level presented was titled ‘Into the Deep’. A new feature which you’ll immediately notice is the underwater combat. Besides that, blowing up a ship with a guided missile, escaping a collapsing underwater tower because of the explosion’s wave and swimming for your life isn’t something particularly new to the franchise though.

‘No Man’s Land’ is the second featured level which introduces us to Riley, Call of Duty’s first controllable dog. Players will be able to directly control Riley in order to execute stealth kills, tag enemies, get their attention, and even use him to flush enemies out the door, instead of using the usual charges to blow it up.

Keep it locked to Analog Addiction as we’re nearing E3, were Call of Duty and many more games will be revealed. We’re going to have an all-out coverage, so stay tuned!

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  1. It’s kinda funny. When I watched this when it premiered at the MS conference the other week, I still wasn’t sure at the moment if that was current or next-gen. My wife asked me what I thought. I told her it looks good if it’s current-gen. Looks like shit if it’s next-gen. I have every CoD for consoles except W@W Final Fronts on PS2. Every time I go to Gamestop or another retailer, they always seem shocked when I tell them I think I’m done buying CoD games.

    It’s grown stale and Infinity Ward hasn’t made a decent CoD since MW1. I never bought any of them on launch day except for BO2. I also bought the season pass. I know regret that purchase and have a reminder why I usually don’t buy full priced games.

    Maybe if they controls were more responsive, didn’t do actions I wasn’t even touching a button for, and didn’t get over-powered by a stupid handgun while I’m using an assault rifle, SMG or LMG, and if the knoifing actually worked the way it used to… I MIGHT consider buying Ghosts. Otherwise… Screw off CoD.


  2. oh my god!!! this is beyond disappointing… the bland render less textures.. the decades old vegetation… i almost punched my screen rite now!! what kiind of a dumb fuck even like this game… and dont start on the gameplay… cuz if gfx dsnt matter then stick with ut ps2 or ps3 no need to go beyond that! i mean seriously F**K you infinity ward.. taking advantage of ur dumbfuck fans who know shit abt gfx..


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