Report – New GTA V Gameplay Details Revealed

GTA V - Michael

A member of the Xbox World Forums has uncovered more details regarding Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto V. Here are the important bits:

  • You no longer gather ammo just by passing over it. Now you have to press a button
  • Crews can schedule their missions through Rockstar Social Club. That way, you can be warned in-game when your partners are going for a heist and such
  • Week days return, and will affect gameplay (e.g.: on Sunday, most things will be closed, and streets will be loaded on Friday night)
  • Each radio will comment on the aftermath of the missions, like in San Andreas or Vice City Stories
  • You can place a bike in a Bobcat. It’s implied that you can do the same with jetskis, using larger pick-up trucks
  • It’s impossible to shoot friends (like in Red Dead Redemption)
  • The line of sight system works as perfectly as in a stealth game

Excited about GTA V? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Analog Addiction for all things Rockstar!


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