PlayStation Loves Its Developers Says T-Shirt

In the build up to E3 next week, Sony is really pushing the idea of a developer friendly console with new T-shirts beings sent out to developers captioned “No hurdles, just games.”


One of the first things Sony really made clear with the PlayStation 4 was just how easy it was going to be for developers to make games for the console due to its new PC-like architecture. Earlier today, Retro City Rampage developer, Brian Provinciano Tweeted out a picture of the shirt sent by Sony. Provinciano himself has spoken of how difficult it can be when working with Microsoft to get a game onto one of its consoles in the past.

This was followed up by a separate Tweet from Sony’s Adam Boyles who Tweeted a picture of the same shirt.

Last week, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai explained how the PlayStation 4 will be a games machine “first and foremost,” which also gives ground to Sony’s claims of a developer friendly environment.

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  1. Even though Sony haven’t been clear about what they are going to do, this gives me some confidence in the Sony’s policies for the PS4


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