Update – Gameplay Footage From Last Of Us’ Multiplayer Revealed

Update – A gameplay video featuring Last of Us’ multiplayer mode has been revealed.

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Details on the soon-to-be revealed multiplayer for The Last of Us have been revealed and it’s very different to the single player indeed.

Last of us MP 1

According to two previews from Shack News and TheSixthAxis, the The Last of Us’ multiplayer is called faction and is playable in only two modes, Supply Raid and Survivors. Players will pick one of two factions to begin with and when a character is selected, the player will be able to customise them in various forms of apparel much like Uncharted 3.

last of us mp 2

When a clan is picked, it’ll come with AI survivors that will populate your faction and as Shack News notes, a Facebook profile and the game can be linked. This link will take the names from a persons friends list and assign those names to the AI.

last of us mp3

The Last of Us’ multiplayer is set out over a course of 12 weeks in a “story” and your actions and survivors will be key to making sure your factions live to see the next day.

last of us mp4

With gameplay, Naughty Dog takes a big departure from Uncharted 3’s multiplayer and instead keeps with the pace of the campaign with the slow and cautious pacing. Running and gunning will not do players and favours so they’ll be highly encouraged to be methodical about achieving their objectives. The crafting system from the main game also makes an appearance here. As players progress through the game they’ll be able to pick up items which will allow them to produce weapons and other such essentials.

last of us mp5

There are also four pre-set load outs players can assign their character to. There’s assault, sniper, support and stealth. Each class is able to have two skills, a primary weapon and a secondary weapon applied to them. One mode is called Covert Training 2 which will allow your player to be invisible to the Listen Mode from the single player. Listen Mode allows players to see through walls and “see” their enemies sounds.

last of us mp6

The way multiplayer will work is to have the component set out over days and weeks with each match played representing a day gone by in the game.

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