Report – Prey 2 Being Handled By Dishonored Developer

A new report suggests Dishonored developer Arkane is now taking over from Human Head on the development of the long dormant Prey 2 with a planned 2016 release date.

The news comes from both Kotaku and Prey fansite Alien Noire. The former claims the game was assigned to Arkane Austin after Zenimax, the owner of the Prey IP and Arkane, after it failed to find a replacement developer after it split with Human Head.

Alien Noire reports the game is being completely scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up by using the engine used in Dishonored. However, there are also reported rumours of tense feelings going around. Arkane has reportedly been pushed to make the game more like another System Shock which is the predecessor to Irrational’s Bioshock series.


Both sources report developer Obsidian, whose most recent efforts include Fallout: New Vegas, was also working on Prey 2 at one point.

Bethesda, when contacted said that it does “not comment on rumour and speculation.”

The last time we saw Prey 2 was at E3 in 2011 where the game look very impressive indeed. However, things soon went downhill for the game after that. Since then, the game has disappeared from Bethesda’s website and was reportedly pushed to a 2013 release date which does not seem to be the case now.

In October it was reported the game was in “Limbo” by a Human Head designer.

It looks like a while until we ever see Prey 2 again. But do we even want to at this point? Let us know in the comments.

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