Day: May 30, 2013

Games Are Not Being Forgotten On Xbox One

According to an article on OXM, “Microsoft will invest no less than $1 billion into games next gen.” In the interview with OXM, Don Mattrick, president of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, and Phil Spencer, Microsoft Studios corporate vice president, reassured gamers that Microsoft will not be forgetting about games for the […]

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Wolverine Confirmed For ‘Deadpool’ Game

Activision has confirmed Wolverine himself will be appearing in the Deadpool game. High Moon Studio’s will be including the popular Marvel hero alongside already confirmed Cable and Psylocke. With the announcement we were also provided a character card similar to the ones released with previous characters, these cards […]

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Is PS4 the Fastest Next-Gen Console?

People like software and people like hardware;  some like style some like ability. Take the Xbox 360 vs. PS3, the Xbox 360 may have better looking games but the PS3’s Cell Processor is a lot stronger than the Xbox 360’s hardware. However, when you get down to it, […]

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