Superior Spider-Man #10 Review

Superior Spider-Man #10

Superior Spider-Man #10

Written by: Dan Slott
Art by: Ryan Stegman and Edgar Delgado

After the shocking and long awaited confrontation between Otto and Peter within their mind, Superior Spider-Man #10 tones things down as we see how Otto adjusts to his new independence. With Peter now purged from Otto’s mind along with all his memories, there’s nothing holding him back from being the Spider-Man he wants to be. This is something that really should be taken out of this issue because fans consistently argue that Otto is trying to be like Peter and can’t. But Otto wants to be his own person, he wants to be better, and he’ll do that while still staying true to who he is by nature.

There were many parts to this story that stood out on their own. Otto gives MJ more reason to be suspicious of him when he completely ignores him. While he and the audience may have finally come to the conclusion that no matter the circumstance he and MJ aren’t meant to be, they are still friends and he gave her the cold shoulder. Then we have Cooper as she tries to use Cpt. Watanabe to get the cops who witnessed Spider-Man kill Massacre to admit Massacre was helpless when he was shot, but they defend Spider-Man believing he is doing the right thing. Then we have his relationship with Anna, probably the one person who will never suspect who he really is. It’s great relationship because she seems like that one factor which keeps him from becoming too cold.

Something big is definitely brewing and the Goblin King revealed at the end is the focal point of it all. He knows Otto’s tech, and has even managed to bring many of Otto’s enemies together to put an end to Otto’s violent watch over New York. If he really wants to be Superior, the moment will sure come soon when he puts that to the test.

Score: 8.2/10


And stay tuned!


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  1. I sure wish this series will become monthly, as i do enjoy it but don’t have the budget for a bi-weekly comic. It’s really tight nowadays especially I’m freelancing only and have a mouthful to feed. The other title i really enjoy aside from SS is new 52 Batman. Hope Marvel welcomes this for all their fans who are hard-up right now in feeding their plessurable addiction. Thanks 🙂


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