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Destiny on Vita? Not According to Bungie…

A couple of days ago, a rumor that surfaced from 4chan came up with an image that seemed to give hopes of a possible Vita iteration of the Next-Gen Bungie title, Destiny. The title this time around would be called “Destiny of Spirits.” It doesn’t matter though because the image has been confirmed by Bungie to be completely false, per IGN.

The Infamous False Tease

The Infamous False Tease

The image was backed by a Trademark issued by Sony for something called, “Destiny of Spirits,” which backed the game’s merit. However, the game does not exist and as such this rumor can be laid to rest. That doesn’t mean we cant be excited for what is in store for the Vita, especially when one of SCEE’s Senior Business Developers teased something amazing is in the works for Vita. In fact, just recently SCEJ unveiled a teaser for a new game known as Panopticon, which could be such a title. We wont know more until May 21, which I guarantee will full of huge gaming news.  For all of that news, and more, bookmark Analog Addiction check back in to feed the addiction.

Paco is a huge fan of the Vita, and would have loved to have seen Destiny on it in some capacity. However, he is still optimistic about the furture (someone has to be). If you love the Vita too, or RPGs in general, be sure to follow him  @RTBL1990 on Twitter. And also be sure to follow @AnalogAddiction for all your gaming updates!




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