New Game Being Written by Ken Levine

Ken Levine, the cofounder of Irrational Games and creative director who developed Bioshock took to Twitter today to reveal that he is writing a new game. This is the tweet in its entirety:

“Game writing this afternoon. This is something else”


When asked on Twitter in reply to the above, he was asked what his inspirations were, Levine replied with the following:

  • Mad Men
  • Paul Thomas Anderson – There Will Be Blood
  • Coen brothers – No Country For Old Men
  • Stanley Kubrick – Full Metal Jacket
  • Steven Soderbergh – Ocean’s Eleven
  • Tom Stoppard (playwright and writer) – Brazil
  • Stephen Sondheim (composer) – Sweeney Todd

Not a bad selection of people to be inspired by. What do you think Levine is working on? Sound off in the comments below.

Source – Game Informer

Hugh Simmonds is an editor for Analog Addiction, follow him on Twitter to see his journey to domestic god status to forget all about Sunderland’s season and how it might pan out…



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