New Watch Dogs Details Emerge

Details for Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world epic, Watch Dogs have been revealed along with a bunch of new screenshots.

The details, first seen on the US PlayStation Blog reveal a load of information about the game’s mysterious protagonist Aiden Pierce and how his story factors into Watch Dogs and more.

Watch Dogs 1

Aiden Pierce is a man we haven’t seen the likes of in a video game today. “Aiden is a man with a dark past who has made questionable choices,” says Kevin Shortt, the Lead Story Designer behind Watch Dogs. According to Shortt, Aiden has grown up in the city of Chicago and in that time has proved himself to be very adept at using technical skills to hack into bank account and security systems, a skill he uses to his advantage.

Aiden is a vigilante but he’s operating from his own perceptions of the law which will earn him some dangerous enemies on both sides of the law.

Watch Dogs 2

Besides the copy-and-paste versions of New York we’ve seen in video games over the last decade, Ubisoft is stepping away from this particular trend and is instead opting to use the real-life city of Chicago, Illinois. According to Ubisoft, the city will be a living, breathing representation of the city. All the tell-tale signs of a city are present; crime, people going about their daily lives, the a-typical coffee stand in the middle of the street. Watch Dogs is aiming to put you into the real Chicago. Couple all of this with the hacking abilities of Aiden’s and you have yourself a very potent mix to bend the city to your will.

Watch Dogs 3

Watch Dogs is all about hacking as we all know. With the Chicago Central Operating System, doors are opened for Aiden and his technological skills. Players will be able to use technology to take control of security camera’s to plan their next move, operate automatic machinery to create diversions and as we’ve seen in past demo’s and presentations, take control of vital technology such as traffic lights and street barriers to hamper enemy movements. Ubisoft stresses such actions aren’t scripted and how they are under the complete discretion of the player to use.

Watch Dogs 4

The Chicago Central Operating System will operate like Far Cry 3’s radio towers and Assassin’s Creed’s viewpoints. Once you get into them and hack them, the world will open up with information and side-quests. Aiden will be able to fulfil his vigilante reputation and use technology to look at the probability of a crime about to be committed. He can do this by simply hacking into networks and listening in on mobile phone conversations for example. If a person is about to get mugged or murdered then Aiden can directly intervene and prevent a crime from happening in a similar fashion Minority Report or he can simply let the crime play its course.

Watch Dogs 5

Like with other Ubisoft titles such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and Splinter Cell, Watch Dogs will give players the choice to play through the game with both a stealth option and an all-out combat scenario. For more subtle players, hacking surveillance cameras to make a not of enemy positions will give the payer the advantage whilst the more up-front players will have the option to go in guns blazing with a wide array of firearms. Such actions will have an impact on the big picture however. The more you’re seen, the more your face will be plastered on news bulletins and other media outlets making it easier for the wrong people to recognise you.

Watch Dogs Creepy Tattoo girl

Being a Ubisoft title, Watch Dogs is going to feature multiplayer. However, both the single-player and the multiplayer modes will intertwine “seamlessly” in an effort to blur the line between what a single-player mode is and what a multiplayer mode is. Ubisoft is remaining tight-lipped on how this will work but it sounds a lot like the multiplayer from Grand Theft Auto IV for the moment.

Being a technical wizard, Aiden is able to activate mobile Wi-Fi hotspots all over Chicago and use them to his advantage. Sich actions will include hacking into people’s computers, bank accounts and the like. A perk to this ability is players will be able to glean knowledge from prying into the private lives of the people of Chicago.

Watch Dogs will release later this year on November 19th for North America and November 22nd for Europe. The game will be appearing on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii U and next-gen platforms I.E the PlayStation 4 and Xbox “Infinity” so you have plenty of choice on what platform to get it on.

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