Kevin Conroy Will Not Be Voicing Batman In Arkham Origins

Since the reveal of Batman: Arkham Origins, several video game magazines have been releasing information about the game.

Batman - Arkham Origins #9

NAG, a South African publication have said Kevin Conroy will not be reprising his role as Batman. WB Games Montreal justified the reasoning by saying they needed a someone to play a younger Batman, which is understandable. The name of said actor is yet to be revealed.

Other magazines have more information about different aspects of Arkham Origins, too.

GameMaster UK has reported, as we all expected, that the Batman in Arkham Origins will not be as knowledgeable and as capable in a fight compared to Arkham City Batman. Apparently WB Games Montreal believe they have made the “coolest” version of Deathstroke in any media.¬†GameMasters also says WB Games Montreal is focused on making Batman scary again.

Videogamer has written that Batman is “impulsive, overconfident as he still has to encounter an opponent on par with his strength.” In an article, they have said “The major difficulties he [Batman] will have to deal with in the game will have a strong impact on his psychology and will make him change to the more realist and stoic Batman from the previous games.” Videogamer also reports the Freeze boss fight from Arkham City is the main model for Origins’ boss fights.

Source: The Silent Chief

Nathan Manning is an Editor for AnalogAddiction. You can find him on Twitter and AnalogAddiction there as well.


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