Is A Hellboy 3 Possible?

There are some extraordinary actors out there who show that they care for their fans and for the roles that they play, Ron Perlman is one of them.

Ron Perlman has done 4 Hellboy films, both live action and animated. The man is 63 and most would not realize this looking at the guy and what he has done up to now, even to play such a role as Hellboy. Today during theĀ C2E2 conference, he demanded that Guillermo del Toro make a Hellboy 3. He is already finished with Pacific Rim, now would be a great time to go through with a sequel. Hellboy is still an ongoing comic series and he owes it to the fans to see this movie franchise through to the end. Perlman even said it himself that this is what he wants to do, it needs to be done soon too because he’s not getting any younger and 63 is pushing it for a man like him. He has shown to be faithful to his character which is something you don’t expect from many actors today.

If you want this movie to happen, then show your support not only for Perlman to take on this role again, but for Del Torro to to be convinced to do this one act of generosity for the fans. If they are happy with his first two films enough to beg for a third, why not give it to them and get some money off it yourself?


And stay tuned!


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