C2E2: Marvel Teases “Wolverine: Killable”


Check out the full story below;

Marvel teased a new story called Wolverine: Killable that will be starting in Wolverine #7. “Sabretooth and a number of the great X-Men villains decide that because of something that’s about to happen, Wolverine is going to become killable. We’re leading him into the shadow of the valley of death with Kitty Pryde by his side,” sad Cornell of his tale.

The big moment that makes Wolverine “killable” will happen at the end of Wolverine #6. “This is huge,” added Singh. “This is something you’re going to hate Paul for.” He also said that we can expect this story to have a massive media blitz behind it.

“It’s going to change the character across the board. I’m not saying you’re going to like it, but you’re going to react,” said Cornell. Singh joked that he hoped Doc Ock wasn’t involved.



And stay tuned!


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